Double Brain Boost: The Power of Pure & Bryt

Everyone has the same number of hours every day. But what if you could get more out of every day? You don’t need more time, you just need more focus.

Leading research has shown just how important the health of your gut is for your brain to function optimally. Not taking care of your gut can leave you feeling tired, overwhelmed, and foggy. 

The Dynamic Duo

At Rain International, we are at the forefront of this research and have developed two unique seed-based products specifically to optimize and support the connection between your brain and gut so you feel your best and get more out of your day. We like to think of it as a double brain boost. 

These products are so powerful, you could see results like these in just 5 days:

  • Put an end to procrastination with heightened motivation.
  • Accomplish tasks more quickly with increased focus.
  • Experience improved mental clarity so you can be more efficient and productive.
  • Skip the afternoon slump with natural energy that lasts all day.
  • Have enhanced nutrient absorption so you truly benefit from the nutrients in the food you eat.
  • Reduced inflammation and feel less bloated.

Taking Action on Your Health

Getting these results is really simple. Just take your Pure and Bryt every day.

Pure is more than a powerful probiotic. In addition to having the variety of beneficial bacteria strains in the right amounts, it also has prebiotic seed blends to help those beneficial microbes thrive. Together, they are uniquely designed to support your body’s ‘second brain,’ your gut. Dissolve 1 packet in 8 oz of cold water and enjoy first thing in the morning.

Bryt is an all-natural nootropic–a product that supports healthy brain function, manages stress levels, and increases cognitive reaction. The proprietary blend of seeds and other scientifically backed ingredients in Bryt targets nutrients that are commonly lacking in modern diets and may help reduce inflammation. With these powerful ingredients, you’ll notice a difference almost immediately. Take 2 tablets each day. We recommend taking one when you first wake up and another later in the day to avoid the mid-afternoon slump. Take the third as needed for a boost in focus.

If you need more focus, you need Pure & Bryt. At Rain International, we have you covered with targeted nutrition to help with your daily challenges so you can conquer each day with ease.